Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Golden Stag 1940's Holiday Party

Last Friday was the annual Golden Stag 1940's Holiday Party at the beautiful Park Plaza Hotel in Downtown LA. I had not planned on going until my friend Desi from Pin Up Revival Originals told me she and her friend Jessica were going and since the hotel is literally down the street from me, I decided to dash on home and throw myself together for some 1940's get down!

With literally only an hour and a half to get ready, this is what I was able to throw together...

1940's dress, snood, Miss L Fire Glass Slippers, vintage accessories, and scented with my Dita Von Teese Erotique parfum.

From what little we could see of the hotel (many sections were closed off and it was extremely dark inside) it definitely has that Art Deco look and feel as if it was something right out of some old Fred Astaire movie!

Hotel Lobby

Since it was so dark inside, we weren't able to take many pictures but the good thing was the place was packed and the music was bumpin'!

Jessica and Desi

It was so dark that the only place that had enough light to take outfit pictures was, of all places, the bathroom!

This bartender was AMAZING!!! Not only did he make the perfect dirty champagne cocktail, but the guy was SERIOUS about the art of mixology!!

The end result....
 A fruity concoction only that bartender could tell you what was in it but man was it good!!!

Desi had a mojito...also tasted fabulous!

 Taste test - Jessica approves!

I know I approved!

Then the party really started jumpin'!

That's Dean Mora and his band crankin' out the tunes!

Dean Mora!!!!

LOVED this guy!! He had the whole "Press" outfit together!!! All he needed was an old school camera!

I dubbed him "Mickey Cohen" all night! He was one of the few men "dressed" period appropriate.

Then you had the serious "jumpin' and jivin' folks"!

How will you be ringing in the New Year?