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Besame Lipstick Review

In my quest to spread the love on modern day vintage inspired products, I figured I would give another fun yet informative product review on my favorite lipstick currently on the market, Besame.

For years I stayed away from lipstick because I could never find a brand that wouldn't dry out my lips to where they were next to falling off or be so overly moisturized that it would come off within a matter of minutes.

Then about two years ago I happen to wander into the LA spot for What Katie Did and noticed a beautiful display of the line's products.

I talked to the girl who works in the boutique and asked for her thoughts on the line, but mostly on the lipstick in general. She couldn't rave enough about how much she loved it and was actually wearing one of the colors, Cherry Red, at that time. She mentioned how long lasting it is and how it has just enough moisture in it to keep you from feeling dried out without rubbing off on every little thing either.

She also mentioned how the company's founder, Gabriela Hernandez, took things a step further by adding vitamins and aloe to help ensure comfort when wearing the formulas that also ensures a more natural ingredient based product which is great for those who hate harsh chemicals in their facial products.

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Not knowing which color I would prefer best, I purchased a sample kit (which unfortunately has been discontinued) of all red based colors to see which ones best fit my skin tone.

Once I figured out which colors worked best with me, I purchased a tube and immediately began to put it to the comfort, eat, talk, drink, everything else under the sun test and was I AMAZED!!!  The wear on this stuff is unreal! It glides on very easily and last all through out the day, NO LIE. Now if I eat or drink something, it will come off just a tad but nothing too obscene that cant be fixed with a light reapplication. What is even more amazing is that it does not dry your lips out but if you feel you need a little extra moisture, you can easily apply some chapstick on top to give yourself a quick reset and will give the color a slight shine versus its original matte finish.

I have received countless compliments on the lipstick, including the fact that the colors are the most vivid and true to originality I've seen to date! There are plenty of color choices to match all skin tones so I also loved that about her line.

Not to mention her attention to detail on the size and look of the packages allows you to have modern day cosmetics with the look and feel of vintage as well as the ease of carrying them in your purse. To me this was even more worth the purchase as I was now able to get the type of lipstick I needed, without the bulky tube, and the glamorous packaging to match my vintage compacts and other purse ingredients.

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This is the only brand I have been wearing since I found it and actually had the pleasure of meeting Gabriela herself when she had a launch party at her boutique for her newest shade of lipstick and lip glaze for her "Gatsby Collection"

Unfortunately, I didn't even think to get a picture with her but I had an opportunity to talk to her about the line and compliment her on the hard work she has and still is putting into these wonderful products. The woman stays busy let me tell you! She already has more products coming out and is constantly finding way to improve up them, even more, as if that was possible! It was a treat seeing her cute little shop and actually being able to talk with her about the line.

The products are only carried through select vintage boutiques so if you can't find a store near you then she does offer online purchasing as well. However, if you think you need to test out the colors on you then it's best to find a store to sample them in.

So if you have been on the hunt for that perfect vintage style lipstick and haven't been able to find something that is worth the wear, definitely look into Besame Cosmetics!

Check out her entire line on her website @:
 Besame Cosmetics

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