Friday, May 31, 2013

Short Film Project

For those of you that do not already know, I am an indie filmmaker in all aspects of the word indie. I'm mainly a writer/director, but I've just about done it all in order to get my projects off the ground and now it's that time again, my team and I are in pre production for my latest work called "Make 'Em Laugh".

It will be about a 20 minute short that will have slapstick comedy reminiscent of Jerry Lewis with a dramatic storyline like many Charlie Chaplin pictures. The final look of the picture will be as close to Kodachrome film as I can get in post production software in order to give it a nice 60's style look. Although this story is not a period piece, my objective is to play upon the imagination of the audience by the use of bright and vivid colors to help illuminate certain parts of the story.

Example of Kodachrome look

The story revolves around a young man who wants to become a circus clown and he has to prove the dying worth of such an artistic profession all while the world keeps telling him clowns are a dying memory. The journey will reflect the highs and lows of what it takes for him to become an artist with integrity in such a technically vulgar society and will include plenty of comedic mishaps along his way and a tragic and unforeseen set back that causes him to question whether or not he should continue down his path.

Along with whatever funds I can personally contribute to this production, I will probably launch another crowfunding campaign via either Kickstarter or Indiegogo, although I did not have the success I had hope to have with the other project that we were trying to raise financing for but am willing to approach the crowd funding method a different way this time since many other filmmakers are still finding success through these methods. I am looking to have authentic movie posters for and in the film, movie stills, and detailed costumes for the main characters, all of which will require a decent amount of money so the need to crowd fund will be haunting me once again.

Example of desired vintage look for 1 of 5 posters in film

After spilling all of what little free money I have in my projects for the last five years, I am forced to look at other financing alternatives as well as help get the film a supportive online presence in order to have the best production value that this particular story needs.

I just started a new production company, Brabantio Pictures, and will be getting that website up and running at some point to detail the progress of this film as my team and I have to set out and scout locations, props, and hire a cast to help bring this vision to life.

The ultimate goal is to get this accepted and in the programming line up at any of the seven top film festivals in hopes of getting attention from others in the industry to want to work with the production company on future projects as well as acquire recognition for our efforts in continuing to create artistically driven stories reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood when movies had a purpose to be watched.

Stay tuned for further developments......

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