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Does Your Make Up Need A Make Over?

While at the dentist office today, I received what must have been my 1,568th compliment on how beautiful my make up looks in just the past three months!  I've been taken back by these out of no where compliments seeing as how I've been doing the same "face" for a while now but the one factor that has changed is me switching over most of my products to Mary Kay.

Yep, you read that right, Mary Kay! Now for years my mother used to sell Avon so I was always taught that MK was no good as it was the competitor. However, until recently when I met my lovely MK rep Ashley Reed, I was using drug store make up for the most part with some department store products here and there.

When I met Ashley, it was by random chance, and she was asking me about what products I used in my hair. After talking for about an hour, she told me that she was a MK rep and if I ever was interested to let her know and she would do a demo on me.


I told her that I had been in need of a better foundation for a "better price" as the cream to powder foundation I was using at the time from Bobbi Brown worked pretty okay but didn't have an appealing price as it retails at $42 a compact!

I also told her that I wanted an affordable skin care line to cleanse and prep my face for make up without cleansing my bank account as well.  So after a sit down and demonstration of quite a few products that she thought would work for my skin and make up, I will list what products turned over a new leaf for me and have helped bring nothing but rave reviews for the past six months of me initially meeting with this lovely diva!

My first problem I wanted to mainly address was oil control. Now we have all heard of this product and that controlling oil but you and I know none of that stuff really works. She had me try MK's Oil Mattifier and I have to admit I was skeptical at first but honestly this has been my saving grace when it comes to all day wear for my make up!

Retailing at just $15, this amazing little tube last a good 2 months with minimal 5 day a week wear and truly does control oil all day to the point where you no longer have to reapply or powder your face throughout the day (assuming you arent running around sweating or anything like that).  I've never seen anything like this where I can put it on in place of a face moisturizer directly on my skin (it has a lotion consistency) and help keep my face powder soft throughout the day.   

Me at the end of a work day where I had my "war paint" on from 7am-6pm!

Now if in the event I do get a little warm from summer time weather, I might get a little shine but nothing like I get when I don't have this on and I have super oily skin!  So in order to make sure that I keep this soft powder look I just make sure I have a small brush or powder puff to lightly dab my face dry.

Next product on my arsenal list is the foundation primer, which does a great job at setting your foundation and keeping the make up from getting into your pores and potentially clogging them up only for $16 lasting about 3 months.

Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15*

 Now my ultimate secret weapon is the cream to powder foundation that I switched over to from Bobbi Brown. This is like none other simply because its the only cream to powder foundation that you can apply and not have to set with a pressed powder afterwards because it truly sets itself to a powder! Not to mention, if you suffer from constant acne and acne marks like I do then this will help giving you maximum coverage for all over.

Mary Kay® Creme-to-Powder Foundation
 The even more amazing thing is that you get more ounces in MK's size than Bobbi's all for an astounding $14 that will last around 2-3 months!!  My ultra smooth finish and even tone coverage have been saved with their non oily based formula that goes on like silk.

Locked and Loaded with my cream to powder foundation

To set the cream to powder, I use MK's pressed Mineral Powder, retails at $16 lasting for about 4-5 months. I use just a touch of this since the cream to powder sets well as a powder on its own, this just helps give you an even more matte look.

Mary Kay® Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder

For my cheeks I use Bold Berry mineral pressed powder that retails for $10

 Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color
 Or if I'm feeling adventurous in applying cream blush, then I will throw on some in Cranberry, retailing for $14.

Mary Kay® Cream Blush

For my eyes, which according to a nice guy who worked in Trader Joe's told me "those are some killer eyebrows!" I simply use a brow brush and black eye shadow to create that vixen curve us girls strive for.

For my lashes I use a Primer and Mascara, also from MK that work wonders if you are looking for a lift and separate relationship.

Mary Kay® Lash Primer

(Primer - retail $15)

Look at the brush on this thing! I just started using it and man does it separate your lashes something fierce! It helps prep your lashes so that when you apply the mascara they dont clump together as easily.

There are several types of mascara that Mary Kay offers, currently I am using the Lash Love which retails at $15 and really seperates and lifts your lashes!

 Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara

The only thing I do not use from Mary Kay is my gel eyeliner, which coincidently is from Bobbi Brown, only because MK doesnt offer gel eyeliner year round.

Product Image 
This form of eyeliner is great if you prefer to be able to make modifications to your application without it setting on you so quickly like liquid liner tends to do.  My only complaint about this form of liner is that it does tend to smudge in the corner of your eyes if your face is oily or you have teary eyes here and there.  It is also a bear to get off completely and does require a really good cleanser or good old fashion make up remover to get rid of it in any fine lines you may have under your eye.

Now you are probably wondering what I use to get my war paint off at the end of the day as well as to prep my face in the morning prior to application.

Well MK has a fabulous cleansing cream that is geared towards those with oily skin and comes in a gel formula.  Ashley taught me that gel based solutions tend to work better with oily skin as they can help control the oil and keep the face from accumulating more oil as with most lotions.

TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (combination/oily)

Another fab deal that's only $18, last about 5 months, and requires you using a VERY LITTLE amount in order to not only cleanse your skin but give you some of the SOFTEST feeling skin you will come across.

Last but not least, my vixen colored lipstick is the only other thing, aside from the gel eyeliner, that I don't get from MK simply because I am completly hooked on the company that makes my fabulous lipstick Besame! You can read all about my review on this little gem (here) which is not to say that MK doesnt offer great lipstick, I am just stuck on my Besame since its the only company that makes a few different shades of red that are true to vintage purists.

Now of course there are a ton of other products like eye liners, eye shadows, concealors, etc via Mary Kay, but these are my daily soldiers that personally work for me and seem to be contributing to the tons of compliments I get weekly on my flawless makeup look!

If you are looking to make over your make up kit then definitely contact Ashley if you are in the LA area or visit Mary Kay's website to find a rep near you, ask for a product demonstration, and see if their great products can't give you the vampy vixen look that will make all the girls and GUYS heads turn!

Ashley Reed

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