Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Filmmaker's Screening Event

Tonight, my business partner and sound designer Robbin and I attended the mini film festival event hosted by a meet up group I belong to called the New Filmmakers where a selection of independent shorts would be screened along with networking mixers held in between the programs.

Not knowing what to expect as this was my first time attending one of these type of events I decided to go with a classic ensemble that would mix in well but still stand out just a tad.

I went with a 60's look wearing a slim line dress, kitten heels, and pairing that with a vintage purse and accessories. 

The dark green/brown gingham print dress is vintage and a recent purchase from one of my favorite sellers at the Vintage Expo, the lovely Donna from Donnaland Vintage. 

The purse was a gift from a friend who purchased it at a vintage thrift store. I was told it was most likely from the late 50's made of patented black leather with red lining on the inside.

My shoes were modern day black kitten heels with a bow on the sides.

My hair did not come out like I wanted, as it usually does not when I am trying to do a 60's style, since I didn't have time to curl the ends and really get it straight like I wanted. Even though I love a lot of 60's hair styles, because of the length, weight, and texture of my hair, it can be very tricky trying to do anything other than a straight blow out with a scarf tied around my head.

The event started out quite peculiar as we had to wait to check in and then had to guesstimate according to the program just exactly when screenings, mixers, and Q&A sessions were going on since no one was really announcing anything to any of the guests. 

As expected here in LA, everyone started gravitating to the bar and hanging out with people they already knew, which to me defeats the person of trying to network with other people. Robbin and I didn't really know how to approach the need to introduce ourselves to other people as you couldn't tell who was who in terms of whether or not they were an actor, director, producer or what have you and I was only interested in talking to would be producers and crew members.

The masses boozin' it up on the balcony

The high light of the evening was a a group of guys from the Chicago Music Library based here in LA approaching me to ask about my James Dean tattoo and from there they became our buddies for most of the night. These guys had great conversation and were very down to earth making hanging out with them enjoyable in what seemed to be a particular crowd.

Nick, Jason, and some of the CML crew

One of the guys, Nick, would temporarily step away to mingle with other groups while we were out in the lounge area enjoying cocktails and would quickly come back and say that it seemed like there was mostly actors there and unfortunately must not have had enough of a compelling conversation as he never strayed from our little group for long. I have to say this was a total let down for me as the entire purpose of me attending this thing was to meet some movers and shakers, not wanna be's looking for a casting call!

We viewed two drama shorts programs and the films, with the exception of two, were mediocre and not very inspiring - another let down.  Also some of the film makers were not very interesting in terms giving me a real need to track them down and discuss any potential collaboration in the future. There were two or three that really struck us as well done but for the most part, the entry fee for this thing was just a quick four hour lesson in what not to do when making a film, which I guess is just as good as seeing what to do as well.

All in all the only thing we really got out of the night was the connection we made with the guys from CML, especially for Robbin being a composer and sound designer. As for me, I didn't make out with any leads on finding producers or crew members for my projects in the muddle wash of some poorly and offensively dressed people who were over run with booze and ego pulsing through their veins clouding their judgements as to how to properly act at an industry mixer, then again....this is LA, anything seems to go here.

Until the next one kids,

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