Monday, June 10, 2013

Outfit of the Day

What's A Girl To Wear??
As a follower of many other vintage/rockabilly blogs, I just love, love, love when girls post their outfits of the day. I use this as another source for inspiration and reference when planning my outfits for any occasion. Two blogs I follow religiously, Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite and Missy from Technicolor Cutie, are in my opinion the forerunners in this category when it comes to posting some seriously styled out pics of their fabulous outfits!  

They even use special apps in order to customize their Instagram pictures so you can see several angles or shots of their outfit in just one picture. I really like how they can post an entire week's work of outfits in just a few pictures in one post and have their pictures organized very concisely.

Since I have some pretty serious vintage dresses of my own I figured I join in on the "outfit of the day" post bandwagon as well. Now because my schedule during the week tends to be crazy and, even though I wear vintage 24/7, there are some day's where I put together outfits with snazzier pieces and some where its more on the vintage casual side, nothing to really be wowed at. So I'm just more proud of the outfit I chose for some days rather then others. With that said, I will be posting my outfits by certain days instead of the entire week since I tend to be very critical and accurate the look for the period I'm wearing is and would prefer to post those up for others to see. 

So for my initiation post for "Outfit of the Day", here is Moanday's get up (yep you read that right Moan-day):

1940's dress with white ribbon trim

Red Snood from CatsLikeUs, hair flower from MyBabyJo, white Lucite earrings from eBay

 Red & White Bakelite bracelets

Remix wedges

 'Til next time!


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