Thursday, June 6, 2013

R.I.P. Actress Ester Williams

MGM actress and champion swimmer Ester Williams dubbed as "The Million Dollar Mermaid" passed away this morning and the glorious age of 91.  Known for such roles as Million Dollar Mermaid, Thrill of Romance, Dangerous When Wet, and one of my favorites Easy To Love, she was known for more than a decade as the Queen of "The Aqua Musicals" from 1942-1963.

Not to mention the swimsuits, the swimsuits, THE SWIMSUITS!!!!  This girl had it covered when it came to water wear and no woman out there looked better in a one or two piece than this doe eyed mermaid.

Throughout her illustrious film career, she swam more than 1,200 miles in 25 aqua-musicals for MGM, had legs to kill for, beautiful swimsuits that would take your breath away, choreography that left you in awe, and a smile to warm your heart. She will be greatly missed!

Ester Williams

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