Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Outta Sites!!!!

I have a wonderful time last night at the latest Outta Sites gig over at Joe's Great American Bar & Grill in Burbank!

Forewarning, yes my phone is absolute crap and I need to just shut up and buy a new battery for my digital camera. So please excuse the pictures as they will be slightly fuzzy and crazy looking for the lack of UFO head lights that I really did need in order to get better pictures.

Since it was so dark inside, I couldn't get any good pictures of the crowd or even my lovely blogger friend Dollie over at The Rockabilly Socialite who's hubby Zack is a member of the band, playing base guitar. 

I was just able to get a few of the band since that is where the most light was concentrated. 

Play it Chris and Zack!

The band's sound is like that of the 60's and I am not really a big fan of most 60's music by default but I got to tell you, these cats can rock some jive music like you wouldn't believe! Their sound is amazing and for a band that hasn't even been together that long, they are so talented, have such intense energy and play off of each other which made the performance that much more fun! It was such a rockin' time in the joint, they played for almost three hours straight!

The lovely Pin Up Girl Clothing Model Doris MayDay gettin' down!
(again please excuse crap cell phone pics)


Not only can they play instruments, but they can boogie on the dance floor too!

What I love most about these guys is the way they package their music. They record only on traditional tape that was used during the 60's to achieve that authentic vintage sound. They also have options on what format you can purchase their music, either on cd or actual vinyl and they have other fun goodies such as t-shirts and even a new release 45 with a 3-D cover too!

Dollie watching the boys shake, rattle, and roll!

I had so much fun hanging out with Dollie and her friend Sandra, as well as meeting a lot of other super nice people in the vintage scene. It was actually a much better crowd than most clubs in LA, everyone was very laid back and low key, there just for a good time and the music - my kind of digs.

If you are interested in hearing some groovy tunes from these fabulous cats, check out their website at The Outta Sites  where you can preview as well as purchase their latest album and other little goodies! These guys do everything independently from a label so definitely show your support and let them know how great the new album is!

Can't wait for the next show!

'Til next time!


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