Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pin Up Girl Clothing Store's 1st Year Anniversary Party!


I can't say enough how excited and thrilled I was to finally meet so many beautiful ladies that I have the joy of following on Instagram as well as their blogs and other bloggers' posts.

The party was a smashing hit, great food, great champagne, fabulously dressed women, down to earth and sweet people so eager to mix and mingle that it just made me so proud to be a part of a community of vintage lovers that exhibit class as well as humbleness that you just don't see much in most people these days!

Okay, enough of my ramblings, I have a ton of pictures to show so I will just get started. This will be a long post since between Instagram and my digital camera, I probably took more pictures than Annie Liebovitz has in her entire career!!!

Since this was my first time physically at the store, I had to take some typical first timer pics of the decor since it is a vintage girl's dream of a yesteryear department store window displays and home decor!

 Store Entrance

LOVED THIS! - "Through these doors pass the most beautiful girls in the world."

Window display, can I have one of everything please?!

Store interior, that's Veronica and her super sweet Mom in the foreground.

Ummmm, Ima need that lamp....

Me all giddy with the lovely model and one of the PUG dolls Doris MayDay. I'm telling you this girl NEVER takes a bad picture!! Love her!

Doris and another lovely PUG doll Alisha both working fabulous dresses with their fabulous red hair!

And this is when the madness for the night began.....

The lovely vixen in the middle is another PUG doll, the talented Micheline Pitt who stole the evening with that exquisite gown she rocked all night!

At this point, the store was starting to get a crowd coming in but you still had some room to move around and shop, but not for long lol....

I attended the party with my lovely friend and Mary Kay rep Ashley (on the right) and Katherine was the first super sweet doll we chatted up that night.

I loved how everyone was dressed to impress and rocking their looks! Now this is how women should be dressing!

Since I came straight from work I didn't have time to change into an evening gown. I was so surprised at the numerous compliments I received on my hair when I thought everyone else's looked better than mine lol! This was my solution to fighting rain and humidity earlier that day.

At this point, the boutique started getting packed as the festivities were getting into full swing!

I couldn't resist taking a pic of this amazing shadow box!

Vanity area to get your hair and make up done in house!

Another stunning PUG doll working the fitting area, bless her heart it was CRAZY too and she kept her cool! Loved her entire outfit, such a sweetie!

 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely Jenny Eloise Rieu  who is a singer/actress all the way from Paris! Isn't she gorgeous? Her outfit was tha straight BIZNESS too! Dress was from PUG.
The girl had mad shoes that she decorated with little fruit pieces!
As if the shoes weren't amazing enough, the girl had to wow me even more with a fruit assortment that she created for the top of her head scarf! WHAT!

Once we met, we hung out most of the night trying to keep from passing out in the store since it was getting so packed that we literally started to sweat from the heat!

I was so elated to see the classy and gorgeous pin up model Ms. Angelique Noire in attendance! In my opinion, THIS is what a model is SUPPOSED to look like dammit! Not this mess you see on the billboards today but let me not digress. She was such a doll to speak to and super humble, love her!

Angelique is so tall I had to stand on my tip toes so I wouldn't look so short! To my far right is Smexcksy who me and Ashley also tagged along with for most of the night, love her! She was a ton of laughs and we would get into some dangerous fun later that night...

Me on my tip toes again, and starting to sweat from the masses in attendance!

Stage area, look how crowded it got and the night was really just getting started!

My girl Doris was werkin' that register and playing MC earlier too and still looking fabulous! Again, the girl just can't take a bad picture!

One of the reasons I prefer shopping in boutiques than regular stores, the attention to detail takes you back to the style of the mid century stores and how classy they were designed.

The super cute make up artist and PUG doll Stephanie aka Cinemansugar rocking a fab dress and vintage jewlery that I was just drooling over!

Micheline leading the champagne toast to celebrate PUG store's 1 year anniversary!

It was packed for the toast!

This lovely caught my attention the minute she walked through the door! Check out her corset from Castle Corsetry!!! She was werkin' her outfit, dress was from PUG also.

The AMAZING Tony Medina, hair stylist to the PUG dolls. This is the man behind all of the amazing hair styles you see the girls sporting on the website and promo pics! He never ceases to blow me away with what he can do with some hair.

Veronica and Tony

Told you I took a mess load of pictures....

Everyone was so well dressed. Isn't she cute! I love her hair.

Congrats to these two lovebirds who just got engaged!

Loved talking to her! Super sweet, isn't she adorable? She reminded me so much of Yvonne De Carlo! And guess what....?

She had Yvonne (aka Lily Munster) and the rest of the Munster family tattooed on her arm!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Glad to see somebody representing the 60's dammit and was she rockin' that dress or what?! Loved her look and she was super sweet to talk with too!

I had such a blast meeting new people and getting a chance to visit the store. Can't wait for another event like this to see all the girls again! 

Once the party was over me, Ashley, Smexcksy, Veronica, and her mom went to grab a bite at Viva Cantina. I was thinking about posting those pics but let's just say the entertainment and crowd for that evening were on the, shall I say, strange side. I'll spare you the gory details but lets just say the entertainment was strange enough to where Smexcksy's face in this picture explains it all:

'Til next time!


Friday, July 26, 2013



Today has been long anticipated by many of us in the vintage circle as this month marks the one year anniversary of the Pin Up Girl Clothing Boutique store front here in Los Angeles!

Tonight is the night many fans of PUG have been waiting for as a huge bash is being thrown at the boutique tonight so stay tuned as I will be in attendance and snapping tons of fun pictures to highlight the event.

The lovely ladies from PUG

So in honor of kicking off a fun filled evening with my fellow vintage ladies, I figured the most appropriate cocktail of choice for this week is one with a name well suited for this event.

The exact origin of this cocktail is not known for sure but the name itself is sometimes said to be taken from the 1911 Broadway musical by Ivan Caryll. It's popularity might be explained by the often bad quality of pure Gin during the prohibition era. Due to that there was a need to add additional flavors to compensate for the Gin's bad taste and in the 1930s it started to acquire the image of a typical "female" or "girly" drink due to its color and sweet creamy flavor.

It is said of the Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield used to drink one these before a meal even though it subsequently fell out of favor with male cocktail critics, who were put off by its alleged "female" nature.

The drink was so taboo in bars and clubs that even famous bartender Jack Townsend speculated in his 1951 The Bartender's Book that a very non-threatening appearance of the cocktail may have appealed to women who did not have much experience with alcohol.

So in honor of the pink boutique's birthday bash tonight, here is this week's cocktail:



1 1/2 oz of gin
1/4 oz lemon juice
1-2 dashes of grenadine
1 oz cream or 1 egg white
1 Maraschino Cherry

Shake well with cracked ice and strain into cocktail glass, garnish with cherry if desired

Stay tuned for tons of pics from tonight's birthday bash coming up in the next post!



Sunday, July 21, 2013

Identifying True Vintage Apparel - A simple tag can your best friend!


I get asked all the time from different people that see me in my vintage clothes just exactly how I am able to tell whether or not something is in fact really vintage. My usual answer to people is until you can learn the cuts and designs of the clothing really well, the best way to be absolutely sure is to check the style of the inside tag, assuming it is still in tact.

As you start to buy authentic vintage apparel on a regular basis, you will learn how to identify the exact time period of the clothing based on the type of fonts or images that were used back in the 1930's-60's.

I want to start you off on the best short cut to being able to identify exactly what you have and what period it might be from. So let's take a step back in time to when manufacturers made some pretty interesting threads with intricate details that you no longer see in today's market!

Here are some examples of various types of tags according to decade:



Here are some common types of clothes from this time period in order to better identify what types of apparel would adorn these tags:
One of own 40's Tweed jackets


The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union was once one of the largest labor unions in the United States, one of the first U.S. unions to have a primarily female membership, and a key player in the labor history of the 1920s and 1930s. Most clothing up until the early 1960's will include this tag.

Here are some common clothes from this time period in order to better identify what types of apparel would adorn these tags:


Here are some common clothes from the time period in order to better identify what types of apparel would adorn these tags:

I hope some of these examples will help you to be able to really detect whether or not something is in fact from these time periods. Especially since nowadays, retailers will tell you anything to trick you into buying their merchandise as they are trying to pass it off as "vintage" when it's really not.

I've come across numerous sellers that swear something is vintage when it is in fact them passing off a 70's or 80's period dress as something from the 40's or whenever. So you definitely have to be careful when shopping with a supplier that you are unfamiliar with.

Unfortunately sometimes the tags are no longer attached to the garment, which can also be a good sign, as usually 1 out of every 3 vintage pieces I find tend to not have tags in which case you can use the pictures in this post to help identify the style of cuts that were popular during these decades.  Of course there are tons of styles not pictured here, but I have included the more popular designs that you tend to come across today.

Hopefully, if you are new to the vintage world, this will be a great start at helping you learn how to pick out true vintage pieces and to also be able to tell exactly what period the piece came from!

Happy Shopping!