Tuesday, August 6, 2013

20th Annual Long Beach Crawfish Festival!

This year I attended the LB Crawfish Festival and did things a little different this time around than from previous years.  Since my friend Robbin had a last minute thing come up and couldn't actually drive out to LB, I decided to take the train and go pick up all of our food and bring it back to her house where we could really get down and eat right!

In past years, I would always eat and stay at the festival, but after the last time I went between the heat and the hoards of people swarming all around I decided that I was not having that this time and would arrive at the festival early to grab what I knew we wanted and bounce!

So the first thing I always do is get my Crawfish since that line usually ends up being the longest one.

The huge copper pots they cook the Crawfish in!

YUM!!!!  Already seasoned and ready to go!

This is a picture of the line after I went through it. This was around noon time, right after the festival started and already the line was getting to be a mile long! In the back where the little puff of smoke are the huge copper pots. Note the guy standing on a latter due to the size of the pots in order to pull the crawfish baskets out!

From there my next stop was for the Number 2 attraction at the festival and also usually the second longest wait....BEIGNETS AND PRALINES!!!!

They give you a little history on the Beignet while you wait in line! If you have never had one before it's basically like a donut only a bit denser and topped with powdered sugar and can also be served with chocolate sauce drizzled on top or as a dip!

Frying up some Beignets!

Now getting them ready for their powder sugar coating!

Pralines waiting to cool.

Once I got my Beignets and pralines, I was off to the Pie Lady to get my sweet potato and peach pies which are the best in the entire festival!!!!

Pick up window for your goodies. I got two pies plus some Crawfish Boudin which I had never tried before.

Yea boy!

This was the line after I placed my order! I arrived just in time because there were only five people in line then as I started to wait for my order to cook, this is what happened! I'm telling you the woman's stuff is that good. I don't know her name so I just call her Moms Mabley because she reminds me of everyone's favorite country time grandma!

After I got my pies and such, I was tapped out and it was starting to get hot. The crowds still hadn't packed in yet but I knew what was coming and didn't want to be stuck in the masses so here are a few shots of the scene as I was on my way out and to Robbin's house.

Once I got to the house, we immediately started reheating everything and setting up our plates. Here are the spoils:


Praline - was to DIE FOR!!!!

Baked beans, potato salad, and Boudin - just too good!

Sweet Potato and Peach pies with Beignets!!! -  At this point our stomachs were about to burst!!!

THE AFTERMATH......our stomachs busted!!!

I had so much more relaxed fun being at Robbin's house eating all this messy but delishous Creole goodness rather than being out at the festival in the heat with a bunch of people running around and music blasting in my ears. Dont get me wrong the festival is fun, with everything going on, especially the Zydeco music playing and just the atom sphere in general but sometimes when you eat certain foods you find that you just prefer to be home rather than eating outside on flimsy tables and with the wind blowing.

All in all, I enjoyed everything we had and defintiely dont need any of that calorie rich hot mess anytime soon!

'Til next time


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