Thursday, August 1, 2013

Noir Glamour Soiree at FIDM!

This week I attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising's mixed event of the premiere of their newest exhibit for Television Costume Design along with a Besame Cosmetics demo for 1950's makeup hosted by the company's founder Gabriela Hernandez.

Me and Gabriela

The event was small but quaint having the demo right in the front of the museum shop where Gabriela had her table set up.

Look at that AMAZING poster art!!!

Goodies Galore!!!!!!

Stephanie helping out Gabriela with the make overs.

Here Gabriela explained the history of 1950's makeup along with detailed images on how the every day woman applied her makeup by color technique and styles of the time. She even had a sample set of actual eyelashes made from human hair that were commonly used back then.

One of the fabulous dolls I met at the event. Isn't she gorgeous?

While talking to Gabriela, she mentioned that this fall would be a busy time for her as she plans to launch several new products in the line! I just about squeeled for joy and actually hugged her when she told me that she was coming out with...are you ready for this???.....VANISHING CREAM AND A NIGHT CREAM!!!! Eeeee! Anyone who knows the history of makeup and vintage makeup technique knows the importance both of these creams had during their hey days.

A sample of her vanishing cream

Both of these creams were important to the mid century woman's skin care needs by one removing make up and the other providing moisture at night. I really liked Gabriela's formula as it had a light lemongrass type scent, nice consistency - not too thick not too thin, and left my skin clean and smooth when I tested it on removing some of her new Cake Mascara that she is also coming out with this fall!

Cake Mascara
Took this pic with my phone and cant get it to rotate so sorry for the crazy angle!

I also tested her new mascara and OMG did I absolutely love this! She has been testing it for the last year and has taken this a step above the traditional "toothbrush" type applicator and created a more modern brush in order to grab the formula better for easy application.

She took this even another step further by creating an eyeliner end on the other side of the wand so that you can use this as a 2 in 1 and my goodness did this formula go on smooth once a little water was added, just like back in the day! It sets quickly but is not that hard to get off with the vanishing cream if you need to fix a mess up while applying.

She also told me that she is finally debuting her new cream foundations this fall along with two new lipstick colors all of which will be debuted at her boutique later this year.

Yep, you know I had to get a close up of her amazing dress lol!

After her demonstration on technique and some of the girls getting make overs, I decided to see just what this exhibit was all about and boy was I disappointed!  Now granted I was there only in support of Gabriela and Besame but it was some what of a let down as this wasnt as big of an event as I had hoped for but the fact that I was assuming because Gabriela was there that the exhibit would be on mid century clothing but it WAS NOT which was what really threw me off! It showcased costumes from all modern shows like Game of Thrones, SMASH, and some other non irrelevant mess I refuse to watch on Television.

And to top it all off they wouldnt allow you to take pictures so the only pictures I was able to snap were the more importantly ones luckily!

Promo Board - COOL

Emmy Statue - REALLY COOL

Old School TV's - SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!

See how it was so confusing since they had old school stuff in the front and then when you turn around from the TV's you see all of these modern costumes - WHAT??!! Anyway, there were so many TV's I couldn't fit them all in the frame and before I could get individual shots that is when I was told no pictures - BOO ON YOU FIDM!

All in all it was nice to go so I could speak with Gabriela once again as she is super sweet and such a doll to speak to! I am so excited to see her new products coming out and the girl never ceases to amaze me at how passionate and dedicated she is at bringing us vintage girls a cosmetics line as close to what was available back in the day! Besame is definitely THE LINE in attaining that perfect vintage look a girl pines for!

'Til next time!



Incendiary Blonde said...

What a treat that you were able to attend this event and try the new products! I am intrigued to see how the cake mascara looks when applied...might have to get a hold of this when it comes out!

Also, I love the way that your hair is styled here! You look so pretty!!! :)

Mia Vincent said...

Thank you lovie! My hair can be a beast to style sometimes because its so long but when it acts right it acts right lol!

Yes I too can not wait for her new products to come out, especially the 2 in 1 mascara/eyeliner duo and vanishing cream! No one out there really has anything close to a decent vanishing formula so just for us vintage girls to have this on our vanity would be a nice addition to our overall routine!

Jack Jackson said...

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