Monday, August 26, 2013

Secrets In Lace Now Carrying Full Line Of Rago Products!

Hello Darlings! Today I am bringing some fabulous news to all of my fellow vintage pin ups. 

For those of you who dress vintage, you know or should know just how important undergarments are to one's everyday wear. There are a few companies out there that sell reproductions of the styles of foundation wear of yesteryear that can help supply your needs without having to scour thrift stores or deal with fabric that may be on the verge of retirement.

There is one company, however, in my opinion, that ranks at the top of providing pieces that are period accurate and have the up most quality when it comes to durability and purpose and that company is Secrets In Lace.

 Okay so here is the wonderful news. Most of you probably already know about the company itself but what a lot of you probably don't know is that as of the this month, they have made available the FULL LINE of the hard to find brand that's best in the business when it comes to top notch undergarment foundations and that is RAGO!

Now SIL has been carrying a very limited selection of Rago products for some time. I myself have acquired some of their pieces and just absolutely love how durable and controlling they are when it comes to shaping and contouring my figure.

What is exciting about this news is that I had recently been on a quest to obtain more garments from them since the majority of my foundation pieces are actually vintage and starting to show wear. When I tried to look for places that carried Rago, I noticed that either they didnt carry the pieces I was looking for or just had a very limited amount of different styles and levels of form control. Now unfortunately, you can not order directly from the Rago site so this is why they originally teamed up with SIL, which is the exciting part, in order to provide women an all around non stop shop for lingerie, foundation wear, etc so you could purchase your foundation pieces along with bras and other items Rago doesn't make.

After trolling the SIL site two months ago for several days, I noticed when I clicked on the "Shape Salon" tab that under the "Rago Collection" tab they had a ton of new pictures of products that would be available soon and now they are stocked up and ready for purchase on the site!
RAGO Collection via the SIL site!

Now SIL provides any and all options for open bottom girdles, waist cinchers, panty girdles and much more items that are essential to your everyday wear. If you are new to wearing vintage and are not sure what you may need to start you off, let me suggest the following based on the average women's areas in need of shape control:

Panty Girdle -
Provides the ultimate tummy, hips, butt, and thigh support

Open Bottom Girdle - Provides tummy, hips, butt support with the convenience of having open access underneath

Garter Belt - Now if you are lucky enough to have smooth hips and a nice bum, then you can do with a garter belt which is made to hold up your stockings and provide some tummy support as well.

Now I could go on and on all day about the purpose of foundation wear or what pieces you could get for different types of outfits but I'll leave you to peruse the Secrets In Lace site which has tons of pictures and descriptions on what each piece for you figure and how it looks on the body.  

SIL also sells a ton of other lingerie items as well so be sure you check out the entire site to see what other goodies you may need to grab.  As a SIL customer, I am thrilled to pass the word on about the new availability of these items because now you have the option of having a complete lingerie boutique at your fingertips!

If you are not sure about sizing and fit but still want to purchase online, SIL does have a return policy but, as always, be sure you use their sizing chart to help you determine what your fitting needs are so you dont have to deal with the hassle of making a return.

Hope you enjoy the endless hours of drooling you'll have over these beautiful pieces of shape wear!

'Til next time!


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