Friday, August 23, 2013

The Daily Rant - The Ugly Truth Of Just How Ridiculous Hollywood Continues To Be


 Welcome to the first addition of my new series called "The Daily Rant" where I will address insanely, hideous issues like the topic we will be discussing today.

Sooooooooo if you haven't heard the depressing news by now, here goes.....are you ready for it....officially as of yesterday I believe, Ben Affleck has been deemed as the next Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel.......let me know when you've gotten up from passing out on the floor....don't worry I'll wait......

My reaction to the news......

Now...let me start by saying that as an independent filmmaker, I am by no means, ignorant to how things work in Hollywood in terms of how roles get cast whether its via an audition or the couch. However, this is one of those decisions that I do in fact have to question, as well as everyone else within earshot of this hideous news has been trying to do for the last 48 hours.

Here is the official press release from Variety just so you can see I am not pulling your leg:

So, for those of you who know I can go on and on about the woes that pain me everyday with Hollywood practices as of the last decade, you know I could write a dissertation on it but I promise I will only mention the highlights here.

In talking with many friends and coworkers today, every single person has had the same statement: WTF is Warner Bros thinking? Well this is in fact just another example of how upsetting it is to see unintelligent people making decisions with miscasting roles, which happens all the time with these big budget movies (like Amy Adams being cast as Lois Lane, again WTF?). 

In an immense amount of anticipation for the sequel, I have been chomping at the bit to see how MOS 2 would develop and more importantly who would be cast as the evil Lex Luthor and I have to say with this move I am genuinely appalled and disgusted at the decision because, as a fan of the comic books, I know that Affleck just doesn't have the acting chops to take on such an iconic and dark role (you all remember how bad Daredevil was), and sorry girls but he is too much of a goody goody nice guy to be beating up on crazy, evil henchmen.


Can you really see this face as Gotham's disturbed and distrusting Dark Knight??????

I really don't have anything against Ben personally off screen, but as an actor, he just never really sold me on anything he did. Now I know for those of who you thought he did a bang up job in Argo, I must mention I have not seen it but an accolade for best director doesn't make you a good actor too. They guy just has not exhibited in the past the ability to harness such depths of emotion for such a demented character like my man Christian Bale did so brilliantly.

As an indie director, it just constantly infuriates me when I see people who have the all of the necessary means to create motion pictures only to just squander those resources or abuse them and their power only to see something through for a specific dollar on the back end rather than doing that along with creating beautiful and meaningful films. There wasn't a problem doing this during the 30-
's-50's so what's the problem now??

Honestly, this move has ruined my desire to see the sequel to MOS, even though I personally enjoyed the first one. Who can resist Henry Cavill as the "boy scout" aka new Superman??

Can you really see these two fighting crime and bickering with each other??? Hmmmm...

So my beef is this, out of all of the fresh face, or semi fresh face mid 30-40's men in Hollywood or somewhere near Hollywood right now, why in God's name did the general populace get stuck with some grab bag of bull stank like this! I mean seriously, this is one of the extremely bad business practices of Hollywood, recycling used up or semi used up actors with mediocre skills for high profile roles that studios are afraid to take risks on hiring more appropriate talent. COME ON, lets be real about this here, to these investors who now own all of the major studios its now about the bottom line, not what audiences what or what is of quality but what they think will sell to the easily appeased masses that society/the government has taken a part in dumbing down. I'm now getting on my political soapbox, so let me stop before I digress.

In closing, looks like we will be getting a roundabout style of the Michael Keaton/George Clooney Batman movies where, in essence, everything was a joke and nothing was taken seriously. Now I hope I am wrong and there is a slight and yes I mean slight chance that Affleck can really spend the next three, or however many months before this thing goes into principle photography in 2014, in doing his homework and preparing to do the best that he can with the character and role. He could actually surprise everyone and do a semi decent job, but we all know no one will ever top Bale's spin on the Dark Knight just like there will never be another Joker after Heath Ledger got of hold of that mess and took us for a crazy spin into insanity.

Lets just hope that Hollywood isn't patting its back too soon with the recent success of Man of Steel in thinking that this move will keep them on top. If anything, my honest prediction for turnout for the sequel will be one of two ways, a ton of people will still go out to see it but have their faces twisted up crooked every time Affleck is on the screen or only ten people from the mid west and their dog Skippy will turn out and everyone else will be in protest of this insult to the Caped Crusaders legacy....which side will you be on? I know I'll be with the angry mob protesting outside the WB studio come next Tuesday.....

'Til next time


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