Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Stay In Palm Springs, Resort Style!

After many years of living in Los Angeles and hearing about how fabulous Palm Springs is and how I just have to go experience it for myself I finally had the opportunity to spend this past Labor Day weekend with my good friends Robbin and Nora in the hot and island like paradise of a resort town where I was finally able to walk in the footsteps of our mid century fore bearers!

Now mind you, I took God knows how many pictures on this trip so I will just touch on the highlights in this 4 part post. Don't try to adjust your computer screens either. I purposely set my camera to try and mimic the ever so loved Kodachrome film used in the 50's and 60's to help take you back to yesteryear.  So without further ado, I present this slideshow to you in the wonderful world of simulated Kodachrome film so here we go!

We set out that Friday and hit the road, as hot as it was in LA, I was a bit fearful of how hot it would be in PS since the main thing I've ever heard was that the temperatures there can be hotter than the seven circles of hell...believe me I was in absolute fear since its been almost ten years since I lived in a true land locked desert and wasn't sure how I would coped with that type of heat.

The weather was a little funky going out as a slight shower had swept over LA and Riverside county so in the end it did help with the sudden adjustment you have to make going from LA weather to PS weather.

After being stuck in traffic, the freeway finally opened up.

The one thing I couldn't get over on the drive out there was just how beautiful it was being out away from major civilization! Sometimes pictures don't do the landscape justice, you just have to see things for yourself in order to really experience the beauty of the Southern California Desert.

Some Lord of the Rings Mordor action going on from the rain storm.

The first stop we had to make was in Cabazon to get a root beer float at the A&W diner and to see Pee Wee's Dinosaurs of course!

No this isn't my camera going totally green on you, it was super dark and tornado creepy like from the storm that had blown threw.

These bad boys are huge!

Robbin and Nora

I believe you can still actually go inside Dinny the Apatosaurus to sit in the theatre that's inside, but since it was so hot we decided to either try and do it later in the trip or during the winter months since we figured it most likely was hotter than the first three circles of hell. You can read more about the Cabazon Dinosaurs here

After taking some quick pics with the dinos, we shimmied on over to A&W for some roadside eats.

Some mess I had no business eating.

After a quick bite, we hit the last leg of the road where we did a quick bit of location scouting for a new short film I'm working on before entering Palm Springs.

The landscape here was so breath taking, I definitely was not missing LA not one bit!
The San Jacinto Mountains

After many weeks of anticipation, we finally arrived......PALM SPRINGS!!!!!!

When you first enter the city you come up on the tourist center which used to be a gas station back in the day. 

This used to be the former Tramway Gas Station designed by the infamous Albert Frey and Robson C. Chambers. Something mystical about this place just knowing the possibility of celebrities like Lucille Ball, Cary Grant, or even Frank Sinatra could have gassed up their vintage rides here one last time before hitting the road back to LA.

The architecture is amazing on this thing! Makes me wish they still designed buildings the way they used to, you know, with some character and flare!

It literally was like being under an Atomic Spaceship!

Of course the one thing I was looking forward to doing was riding the aerial tramway and what was CLOSED for maintenance.....NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Why God Why??????

Once we got all the pics we could get of the tourist center (we couldn't go in because of course they just closed right before we arrived) we headed on to the resort. Boy was I amazed at how nice it was! They really want you to feel at home while you are in fact away from home.

 Look at this old school thermostat....YES!!!!!

Fully stocked and ready to cook like no tomorrow!

After we arrived at the resort we got unpacked and made a trip to the grocery store to stock up for our meals for the weekend. Once we were done the sun was already down for the count and we were pooped as well so we decided to eat and rest up for the adventures that were to be had that next day!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Palm Springs Excursion!.....................


Technicolor Cutie said...

So cool. Which resort did you stay in?

Mia Vincent said...

My friend Robbin has a company called WorldMark by Wyndham Resorts which acts like a timeshare where you pay an annual fee for membership and they have locations all over the world you can stay at but you aren't limited to when you can book like a timeshare. So its like booking a temporary apartment whenever you want, you just have to book far enough ahead to get the size room you want in case they run out.

Here is their website in case you are interested. Only cost about $239 for Fri-Mon for a 2 bedroom suite! Prices are VERY reasonable!