Friday, September 13, 2013

New Arrivals At Besame Cosmetics!

Just a quick update for all of you that aren't on Instagram and haven't seen my recent posts about the latest fabulous news from the only company that makes lipstick like no other - Besame!

 Just out are two new shades of lipstick called "American Beauty" which is a shade of red popular in the year 1945 as well as "Exotic Pink" which resembles a hot pink color that was introduced in the year 1955, both of which the company's founder, Gabriela Hernandez, has been able to recreate and add to the already glamorous lipstick line! So if you have been looking for other shades to compliment your wardrobe, here you go!

Also back by popular demand is the lipstick sampler pack now in a more convenient and easier format to use allowing you to apply the colors just like you would with a regular tube of lipstick which is great news since her previous version consisted of tiny jars which forced you to either use a lipstick brush or your finger in order to apply the color. This way you can easily apply as you are out and about and get a feel for what colors work best for you before purchasing a full tube!

Be sure you stay tuned to Besame's site during the fall season for the launch of her Night and Vanishing Creams as well.  When checking up yesterday on a ETA for another product to be back in stock, I also was told by someone at the store that there is also a super top secret product that is speculated to come out this fall as well! I couldn't get any other skinny on what it could possibly be but all I can tell you is that is going to be a big to do and to keep all eyes and ears open for this one! So as soon as I have some kind of idea or word, I will definitely let all of you lovely ladies know!

Can't say enough about how much I love this line and everything Gabriela has done to give us vintage girls the glamorous makeup we deserve!


'Til next time!


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