Saturday, September 14, 2013

Palm Springs Trip Day 2 - Air Museum

"Pilot to Bombardier, Pilot to Bombardier, do you copy?!"

Continuing on with Day 2 of my Palm Springs excursion, brought to you by the wonderful world of simulated Kodachrome film, we ventured off to the Air Museum, located near the city's airport. I figured what better place than the mid century mecca city to see vintage aircraft dating back to WWII!

If you are a lover of anything aviation, obsessed with World War II facts and propaganda, or just admire vintage planes in general, then this is a stop you have to make when in PS. The museum consists of two large hangers and a back tarmac that houses some of the most intricately restored planes you will ever be able to walk inside or even touch! You are free to walk around at your leisure and spend as much time as you like taking pictures, studying the planes, or even reading the numerous files, newspapers, and actual military paperwork related to the war.

Now of course, I took a million and three pictures so I will only post the highlights here.

These bad boys are right in your face as soon as you pull up to the parking lot!

Monuments to the men who served in WWII

It was a real gas just seeing a bunch of old fuel tanks and mini bombs lying all about the place!

"Miss Josephine" - How cool is this!! An actual B bomber!

 They have a ton of actual war room maps that litter the walls showing the battle routes the planes were to take over Europe.

Never knew just how small the cockpits are!

These cute little mock bunkers line the two hangers and contain actual clothing and memorabilia from the war.

The Tuskegee Airmen - 'Nuff said...

Robbin taking a picture inside this.....

The "bomb hatch" where they house the bombs right before they drop them! Such intricate wiring inside these bays, it was unbelievable!

I'm telling you, bombs are littered all over the joint...I was praying no one would light a match....

 Sooooooo here's one big a** bullet just sitting around....

This B-17 was so massive that no matter what angle you stood at you couldn't get all of it in one shot.

Who in their right mind got down under the belly in that madness????

Rear of plane

This plane could carry two pilots and about 3 bombardiers along with a few passengers in the cargo bay and oh yeah, more bombs....

Me & Nora, Kodachrome style - at the tail end of one of the bombers

Pearl Harbor artifacts

They also had large models of several battleships that served in the war

The models were made by a husband and wife team and I was floored at the amount of attention to detail they had on each ship which depict how they would have looked when in service

It took everything in me not to pick up these cute little planes and put them in my purse to take home

Another one of them big'un planes

Guess who's mug is on the side of this one?

The one and you know for sure this is an old plane!

Palm Springs Air Museum  
745 North Gene Autry Trail  
Palm Springs, California 92262 
 Ph: 760-778-6262

That's all for this post folks! Stay tuned for Day 3 of my Palm Springs Excursion.....


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