Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days Of Halloween - Pin Up Revival's Atomic Halloween Party!

"Trick or Treat!"

After fighting a sinus cold since Wednesday, I mustered up the strength to attend a Halloween party  this past Friday night that I had been anxious to go to and just couldn't miss.

The party was being thrown by my good friend Desi from Pin Up Revival Originals at their headquarters in Corona which was even more exciting for me since I had been dying to see where all of the company's fabulous dresses were made! What is so unique about the company is that they utilize actual vintage fabrics and make custom designed pieces based off of vintage patterns that would make any girl's jaw drop!

Desi modeling some of PUR's dresses
I didn't put together a serious costume, like I normally do, since I wasn't sure if I would physically be able to go and finally felt up to going the night of. Even though I didn't have all of the makeup and accessories I needed to put a ligiamate costume together nor an idea to go off of, I dabbled in some makeup I did have on hand and decided that I would be a "Cirque du Soleil performer on a break" since I didn't have a body suit to match. Yeah I know kinda lame and I knew if I had a concrete plan I could've done better with the makeup theme but at least I was going in the spirit of.

Cirque du Soleil mugshot

Let me tell you, from the word GO I was impressed at how the company went all out with the decorations! I love old fashion Halloween parties complete with decorations, fog, food, music, etc and my girl defiinitely didnt disapoint!

I tried to take as many pictures as I good in between sneezing, teary eyes, sniffling, and everything else you know comes with the fun of allergies. So here we go!

 The salon viewing room transformed 

I was SO IMPRESSED by this little Halloween village! Had never seen anything like this before!

Took me a few minutes to find Desi since she was running around like mad entertaining all the guests, but when I found her she just about scared me with this fab costume of hers!

Po' thang had a bad hatchet problem!

Desi hired a zombified rock band to entertain everyone for the first part of the movie. Here is Desi's sister Paris (Garth from Wayne's World) and one of the band members.

This hot mess scared the bejesus out of me when the lights were off and he decided to move around....himself.....

And what would be a pin up clothing company without some serious atomic decorations hidden under all of this Halloween madness??

Atomic glass set....where's Don Draper at??!

 Sputnik Chandelier....WHAT!!!!

There's a shadowbox under there somewhere lol!

After seeing some of these serious vintage goodies in their viewing salon, Desi took me for a quick tour of her office where I just about fell out from so much vintageness!!!

LOOK at this ceiling fan!!!!! EEEE!!!

 Her office and shooting studio are AMAZING! Okay seriously, can we talk about this desk???????

So you're probably thinking that she must really love Elizabeth Taylor to have a HUGE portrait of her in the office right? This is actually a late 60's portrait of Desi's mother, who everyone affectionately calls "Mama" and also is the other half behind Pin Up Revival Originals.

You know this is the point where I died right????? LUCITE PURSES GALORE EEEEEH!!!!!

I was too in awe to think of snapping pics of her massive collection of vintage patterns and sewing area, so my apologies for that, especially since I was still trying to pick my jaw up from off the floor.

We eventually returned to the party where things really got crazy!

I had such a blast and met some great people. Thanks again to Desi and Pin Up Revival Originals for inviting me to such a great place and fab party!

If you are interested in contacting PUR for custom made pieces be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or their Etsy page which has a ton of examples of pieces you can look at in case you're not sure what you have in mind.

Pin Up Revival Originals

 Whether it's circle skirts, dresses, or swim suits, just let them know what you're looking for! They will let you know what types of vintage fabric they have on hand and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Only 3 days left until the big night so I'll leave you with one last thought.....

Some things are worth repeating......


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