Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days Of Halloween: Vintage Costume Ideas

It's getting to be that time where the mad dash of costume prep for Halloween is quickly descending upon us and the scramble for figuring out what to be is that one perplexing question that never seems to be easy to answer.

So since this is something I, myself struggle with every year, I figured other people do as well. Especially since Halloween has become known as the "sex themed holiday" and the costumes have gotten way too trampy and low class for my taste. Not to mention, most of the ideas are now overkill and let's face it who wants to be one of fifteen other French Maids or Superman in the room??

I've been trying to keep an eye out for ideas that are fun, not as popular (overkill) but still classic, leaning towards old fashion styles, and that don't require a ton of money to put the together. You also always have the option of going with a theme in the norm or modifying it to be more gruesome if that is your thang! Hopefully if you are struggling to figure out a plan of action, these ideas below may shed some light on possible costumes for this year.

I personally don't see this one much anymore but I think there are some fun ways one could tackle this idea and put an nice twist on it.

       The Classic Approach:                                                  The Glamorous Approach:

Bride Of Frankenstein
I see this one totally messed up all the time and its due to either the gown being cheap and crazy looking, the wig detail is off, or just overall a bust with some crazy makeup that overpowers the look. I might sound a bit sour on this one but its my tried and true costume and I'm just a stickler for details. So I'll just spare you the "classic approach" people take with this, which is usually horrifying in itself and show you the right approach since folks seem to not adhere to the details properly.

Wolf Man
I see Frankenstein all the time but never anyone trying to take on the Wolf Man. Now this one may need a little more work to pull it off, depending on the mask and hands/feet you can get, but definitely worth a try.

I thought this version was a great example of how great this one looks in relation to the true Wolf Man look. Many costumes for this idea tend to be confusing because the mask and details are sometimes confusing to determine whether the person is Wolf Man, Chewbacca, or just something crazy.

Cigarette Girl
I've never seen anyone try this ever! And it's a staple vintage idea since most night clubs and restaurants back in the day had cigarette girls running around to tend to one's nicotine needs.

"Cigars, Cigarettes, things that will kill you." 
Lily Munster
Another oldie but goodie I've never seen anyone able to pull off well until I saw this picture on the right - simply fabulous! Spot on with the detail and not thrown together like most of the versions I tend to see. This idea is simple enough, just be sure to get your make up and wig detail down so folks know who you are supposed to be!

                  The Classic Approach:                                         The Glamorous Approach:


Atomic Aliens
Various approaches could be taken with this one, however, I always thought the "I Love Lucy" version was super cute!

Dead Sailors/Drowned Hawaiian Tourists
I was a drowned Hawaiian tourist one year which was something I thought up completely on my own. Sadly, I don't have pictures from that party, but I had some shorts and a hawaiian shirt on and had blue paint on my face with net and sea shells tangled around my neck and legs to look like I got caught in fishing traps. Different idea, but you might get a couple of people asking what you're supposed to be. Other than that, the net, shells, and paint can be purchased at any party store.

You can also do the old school sailor look either drowned or zombie version
The Crew Of Queen Mary's Dark Harbor!!

Snow White
For such a popular Disney character, I don't recall ever seeing this one done. It's usually Cinderella or Beauty but never Snow White....hey, home girl gotta have her props too.

Classic Approach:
Glamorous Approach:

Ragedy Ann & Andy
Hey, for the couples who really want to go old school....not too hard to pull off and you can't mess this one up!

Vampira/Morticia Adams
Another duo I never see that would be fairly inexpensive to pull off and comfortable to wear all night (minus that crazy corset Vampira always wore).

Tippi Hedren in "The Birds"
I've just started seeing this one surface and I love it! Now I could just be late on this recent idea but none the less I think its unique and fabulous! I'd say jump on this band wagon before it gets too crowded!


Film Noir 
This is another idea that I recently started noticing and I absolutely love it! You can either go with the "Silent Star" approach or just bust out with the old "40's Film Character" look! This idea works well for tight budgets since the only things you need are the makeup and clothes.

Of course there are a ton of other vintage era themed costume ideas to choose from that you could either do in the normal version or in a zombified version, but as I mentioned before, these are just ideas for ones that I rarely see and are not too complicated to pull off.  Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can make them really elaborate or simplistic and people will still get the just of what you are supposed to be.

  Only 20 more days left until HALLOWEEN!!!!  Will you be ready????


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I love this post about costumes, especially your evaluation of how they are used today, and how we can keep the authenticity alive. My favorite is The Birds. I never even thought to do something so cool.