Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Your Wardrobe Ready For The Season With These Fall Time Favorites!

With Fall now upon us, it's that time of the year again where cooler weather is more prevalent and the need for heavier clothing calls for a change in wardrobe. Since I sometimes struggle with what ensembles I can put together to keep warm and still keep my vintage look, I figured other people might have the same problem since it can be easy to fall into the jeans and sweater for your everyday default like I sometimes do.

 I'm always on the look out for ideas to stay with the season and still dress like I want in proper vintage fashion without freezing to death due to my heavy rotation of summer dresses. So with this post, I wanted to give some suggestions for ensembles that you can put together in order to have a variation on your fall/winter looks.

If you are a veteran then you probably already have the hang at how to dress for the colder months but if you are fairly new to dressing vintage, then yes you can actually still wear certain dresses, skirts, and heels in the winter months, you just have to know what types of dresses will keep you warm and still have the functionality you need them to have! If you are a seasoned veteran like myself, then hopefully you might find some wardrobe pieces here that you haven't come across before and will seek out to add to your collection!

If you jive to the 1940's:


Fabrics from the 40's tend to be heavier as most garments were made of wool, linen, and other thicker materials. Wool and cotton tends to be my favorite for cold, windy weather. I would suggest these outfits for very cold weather.

If you rock to the 1950's:

Clothing from the 50's started to use lighter materials as more tweed and wool were fading out and light cotton "sweater" type material began to emerge in more everyday outfits. Twinsie sweater sets and skirts became popular and are great for the transition. I would suggest these pieces for semi cool weather unless you have a heavy coat to bundle up in. Crinolines under dresses can also help add some warmth!

If you dig the 60's:

Shirt waist dresses started to fade out and the introduction of more Pencil line dress suits and crop tops to match. Many of these outfits also used a lighter fabric and may need a coat for colder weather.

Some great places to find many of the accessories you see in these ads are:

The Miss L Fire Hollywood store also sell the infamous Freddie's of Pinewood Jeans for those die hard high waste denim fans which are great for fall time weather!

(Miss L Fire does have a US based store, see website for contact info)
Both stores have fabulous shoes that will help give your outfit that last vintage touch it needs!
For you ladies in need of some underthings like thicker stockings and slips to help keep you warm, you can find some great vintage girl goodies at these retailers:


Another helpful tip for warming up your wardrobe is to darken your lipsticks and nail polish for fall/winter since brighter colors tend to be more for spring/summer.

Even though I'm an avid Red wearer when it comes to lip and nail color, for winter I like to change my colors up by wearing other colors, especially for Halloween.

Matte Earth Tones For Everyday Wear

Metallic Tones For Your Halloween Costume!

 For Lipsticks, here are some great Fall time shades:

If you haven't noticed yet, yes I am highly partial to Besame and their fabulous lipsticks!

Of course there are a million more outfits and accessories you could put together but these are definitely just the basics to get you started. And if you are a vintage veteran, hope this post gives you some refreshing new ideas on how to dress for the season this year!


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