Sunday, October 6, 2013

Palm Springs Trip Day 4 - Mid Century Architecture Madness!

So here in the last post on my recent trip to Palm Springs, I bring you the very thing that makes the city so unique - the architecture. What I treasure about this city is that it takes great measures to preserve its history and the original buildings that litter the downtown strip, something I can tell you LA could care less about. 

This really appealed to me and my love of all things mid century as being here makes one literally feel like you've stepped back in time when tooling around the city.  As a fan of mid century architecture, I am impressed with how much has been preserved as the style of these buildings is something you won't see in too many other places anymore yet in my opinion, architecture during the 1940's-50's  were the most stylish and impressive works of art ever to reach towards the skies.

Since we were only in town for a breif stay, I didnt get in as much sight seeing for architecture as I would have liked since I was trying to see and do a little of everything for the first go round. So here are some pics of crazy buildings I came across while out and about.

Downtown Chase Bank  
Can you just picture what the inside of this bad boy looked like back in the day! Not to mention what fabulous clothes the folks were wearing then too!

Downtown Bank Of America rocking the Flintstone's look

I just had to snap a pic of this hot mess! It literally looked like the building was leaning to the front!

This is actually the entrance to the Caliente Tropics Hotel

Yeah I know, pretty geeky I would catch some pics of City Hall but it's designed by my boy Albert Frey & Friends so I just couldn't pass it up!

My favorite part about the design is that Frey believed in working around mother nature and not tearing it down for man's purpose so he constructed a hole in the center of the outer ceiling to accomodate the three palm trees that were already there.

 The view from underneath.

Of course I had to get some of the killer houses I came across as I was walking all across Africa and China trying to find Cary Grant's house (the things I was doing for that man).

I think Mike Brady was here....

James Bond must have been visiting friends because his little situation was parked out front.

Look at this amazing church! I think Mike Brady was here again.....

The killer 1959 built Post Office which was originally City National Bank 

After an amazing initiation into the city of Palm Springs and whirlwind four days spent in the desert oasis, we were headed back to LA before we knew it. Believe me, I DID NOT want to leave Palm Springs. It was the most relaxing, mystical, breathtaking place I've been in a long time. Now I see why everyone flocks there every chance they get!

Bye Dinny!!

Thank God traffic was forgiving....

The City Of Angels

Already counting down to the next time I can go.......


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Beatrix said...

Wow great photos, the architecture is amazing. I'm hoping to visit Palm Springs myself next year X