Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Start Of The Fall Season With 31 Days Of Halloween!

FALL IS HERE!!!!  And what's not to love about fall? The cooler weather, changing colors of the leaves, and most of all harvest time eats with some of the best dishes known to Man!

Of course the other main love that comes with the fall season is HALLOWEEN!! Any and everything involved with this frightfully spooky night is a true obsession of mine stemming all the way from childhood with the fun candy, crazy costumes, and wacky house parties we all remember.


 So with the start of October, I'll be bringing you lots of good reads for this month to help you jump start the fall season. If you plan on throwing a Halloween party this year or attending one and are always in a fret over what to do or bring not to worry, I'll be posting party ideas, spooky food and drink recipes, costume ideas, and more throughout the month to hopefully inspire you in deciding what you want to do!

 And of course with Halloween comes all of those great horror films so, in my usual cinephile fashion, I'll be bringing you some history on cinema's Golden Era of classic horror films and the people involved in the making of them which helped sparked the genre as we know it today. Many of these films might actually interest you and help get you in the creepy spirit.

So here's to the start of Fall and 30 more days til Halloween!!


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