Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crazed Times at the Annual Pin Up Girl Clothing Yard Sale!

This past weekend my good friend Desi from Pin Up Revival Originals and I decided to head on over to the annual PUG yard sale to see what threads they had for sale and as usual, with our fun and lovely vintage circle, there were fun times and a lot of laughs to be had!

I didnt even think to take my actual camera since I figured that we would just be there only for an hour since we had other shopping stops to make and were on a time schedule. I also didn't really make myself up because I knew I would be trying on clothes later in the day and just couldn't be bothered to get in full war paint for a mad dash of crazed girls bobbing and weaving for clothes early in the morning so please excuse my Rosie the Riveter appearance. Desi and I ended up staying for almost three hours and the antics and mayhem ensued from start to finish!

We had so much fun seeing all of the PUG girls and catching up with other friends and familiar faces. That is the one thing I love about PUG events, it's a great excuse to get out and see everyone you know in the vintage circle and chat about this or that and just have a great time.

Here are some of the highlights!

Desi (in yellow) and me looking on as the line to get in was unbelievably long!

We ran into our lovely friend singer/actress Jenny Rieu

A fraction of the early morning madness

Ran into cutie pie Nelda

The ever so lovely Angelique Noire

Margarita looking so cute as she was hard at work

How cute is she?!!

Another fraction of the madness with Jenn and Jenny, the "Two Jenns"

Desi, the one and only Doris MayDay, Me, and Jenny

Poor Alisha, that girl never sat down NOT ONCE the entire time I was there! They had her running all over the place...Girl was WERKING!!!


Cutie Pie PUG Make Up Artist Stephanie Weber

The lovely doll Carolyn Cole

It was so much fun seeing all the girls from Pin Up Girl Clothing as well as many other familiar and new faces! Can't wait until the next PUG event!


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Admin said...

You are too much! So, that's where you get your 50s gear from. I hope you were able to find more cute outfits. To amazing, you're the best!