Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dia de Los Muertos Celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

This year was my fifth year attending the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration at my beloved Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Every year the Cemetery throws this huge celebration to coincide with the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead by allowing families to come and decorate the graves of their loved ones in elaborate lengths by using objects and foods that were favorite items of the deceased family member.

This event is one of my favorite celebrations to attend because it is just one big sensory overload of Aztec dancers, Mexican foods, beautiful flower head dresses, crazy skull faces, art work, decorations, and anything relevant to the sheer elaboration of the culture!

This year accompanying me was my lovely and talented friend Desi from Pin Up Revival Clothing. It was her first time attending the event and I knew she would arrive in perfect vintage fashion!!

Desi looking fabulous while sporting a PUR dress and flower head dress for the occasion!

The event goes all day but with me being a marathoner, I knew we would need to arrive late afternoon if we were going to be able to hang for the night time antics in the cemetery.

Aztec dance thanking the Gods

Desi and me at an alter dedicated to Rita Hayworth

Alter dedicated to various rock legends

There are quite a few vendors on the scene that sell all kinds of DOD merchandise for you to really get into the spirit

Desi and I met the lovely and talented pin up/make up artist Venus  

Isn't her hair super cute!!!

When night falls, the celebration takes on a more lively scene!

Elvis even made a special appearance for the occasion!

The celebration also showcases artwork from local Mexican artists who commission various works honoring Day of the Dead which are showcased in one of the mausoleums.

One of my favorite pieces

While in the mausoleum, I made sure I paid my respects to the one and only...

Couldn't forget her either....

We had so much fun and didn't want it to end, so here's to next year!

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"Hmmm....what dress to wear?"


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