Monday, November 4, 2013

Holiday Travel - Vintage Style!

With the holiday season upon us, you might be contemplating traveling somewhere out of town or maybe within town and what better way to travel then with your very own vintage luggage!

Unfortunately, luggage sets today might be somewhat durable but definitely not as fashionable as I would like which is another reason why I prefer to use vintage luggage. In my opinion, I feel like these suitcases were more durable, they were made out of studier materials, and you had so many cute pieces that came in a set.

Ebay, Etsy, Flea Markets, Craigslist, and Thrift stores are great places to find pieces but in my experience it's rare to find an entire 4-6 piece set available at the same place so you may have to piece a set together via various places.  Ebay and Craigslist are the two places that I personally have seen more sets available, so if you want to take the plunge and get a few pieces at once then these would be the two spots to hit up first.

Be sure you always inspect pieces carefully and try to find out what its original purpose is for since many pieces made back them came in shapes and sizes that do not really correlate with what is on the market today. Figuring out what type of luggage piece you have will enable you to best utilize it!  I find that the most easiest pieces to find are the large suitcases and cosmetics cases. Hat cases and overnights are slightly harder to find but don't get discourage, they are out there!

Here are some great brands that I personally love, two being Lady Baltimore and Skyway:

Main characteristics: tweed fabric, striped case, wood base interior and handle, velon covering

*Can be tricky to find since most pieces are in unusable condition due to age, wear, and tear


 *Main characteristics: pastel exterior colors, silk interiors, rubber based covering

*Above: Top Left - Wardrobe Case for coats and main outfits, Bottom Left - Overnight Case for a change of clothes or light weather outfits, Top Right - Cosmetics Case for all makeup and toiletries, Bottom Right - Shoe and Hat Case


Lady Baltimore

Aero Pak

Skyway Headquarters in Seattle, Wa

Skyway Luggage Co. is the largest independently owned luggage supplier in America. They are known for introducing chrome plated hardware and vinyl luggage coverings in the 1950s. In 1972, the company introduced the first commercially successful luggage on wheels in the USA.

*Main characteristics: less pastel colors to more vibrant colors, strictly square shapes changed to oval and circular, chrome bindings



 Due to the way travel is today, I do not suggest using vintage luggage for any air travel. I have had several friends say their luggage wasn't locked back properly with their clothes half hanging out (because many vintage locks are made different than the ones today resulting in many people not knowing how to lock or unlock on the first try) or the locks might be a bit tough to close period so the airline personnel just half close the cases back. So only use vintage luggage for car or possible train travel where you can keep an eye on the pieces to ensure their safety.

I personally travel with my vintage luggage as often as possible. The quality of these things outweighs anything on the market today, in my opinion, and definitely worth the investment. Not only can vintage luggage complete your vintage look but these pieces are definitely still head turners. I get stopped all the time with people asking me about my suitcases and where I obtained them!

Hope everyone traveling out there stays safe, has a great trip, and most importantly looks fashionable doing it!


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