Monday, November 11, 2013

Dita Von Teese's Erotique Parfum Review

Many of you who follow the blog know I am a big fan of Dita's parfum line due to the stunning way she has been able to capture true vintage deco era like scents that appeal to most women without smelling cheap, strong, or just mainstream.

After running out of her "Rouge" scent, which is now one of my top all time favorite scents on the market, I've been chomping at the bit to get more but heard a while back that she was coming out with a fourth scent in her fragrance line and of course I was just dying to try it out! If you haven't tried any of her parfums yet, you can read my review on her first two here.
Let me just say her scents are well worth the investment! I get so many compliments when I'm out and about and what I like most is that they are not like anything I've come across on market.  She has done great job at keeping her scents adult like (no flower or candy shop smells here girls) and unique but still exhibiting that vintage era flare suitable for our taste. So if you were out on a date with a man like say....Cary Grant and wanted to have your game scent on to tantalize then ladies...... HER PARFUMS ARE WHAT YOU NEED TO BE WEARING!

So in anticipation of this new scent, this past weekend I decided to make a trip to Fred Segal to check it out. 


Upon testing the scent, I immediately picked up on a strong amber, woodsy like component that gives it a nice intensity like the Rouge scent but in its own different way. I also noticed hints of another component that were similar to the Mexican incense "Copal" (used during Day of the Dead celebrations) which on its own, also had a unique smoky like undertone. I also picked up on light peppery undertones to give it a nice kick yet after sampling it for two days, as its longevity is just that amazing, I can honestly say, like with the Rouge, Erotique is like nothing on the market I can compare it to in order to give you a better idea of what this scent is about. Dita really has come up with a scent all her own and it stands out with a flare to be reckoned with! It's not as intense as Rouge but still holds it own with a sense of exotic power yet still calm enough to be used as a day and night scent.

My only and I mean ONLY beef with the vials (other than the fact that I wish you could get a gallon size) is that you have to be careful not to go crazy when applying because they're not like most parfum bottles where a little spritz comes out, its more like a spray just like how a can of hairspray sprays. So you have to be careful to only push about half way on the nozzle. Two pumps should be plenty because it does a good job at covering a lot of area, but again just expect more to come out then you might be used too so you just have to figure out what application method works best for you.

Her prices are very reasonable for such a high quality parfum. If you don't want to spend too much or would like to get a few scents at once, you can get the smaller vials for around $30 while the larger ones run at $50 and these scents do last throughout the day so you wont have to apply multiple times or spray on a ton to get the full effect like with cheaply made scents.

So girls if you arent sure what all to ask for Christmas this year, this would be a great stocking stuffer and the gorgeous bottles will add that glamorous touch to any vintage vanity! In my experience, Fred Segal seems to be the easiest place to get Dita's fragrences and I believe they ship world wide, so if you are having trouble finding it in your area, give them a shout and let them know what you're looking for!

Fred Segal (Apothia by Ron Robinson Store): 

8100 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-9500


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Wendi said...

Now I want to try this perfume! Darn it Mia. I don't have a Fred Segal in town...