Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mary Kay's New Skinvigorate Facial Brush Product Review

"You won't want to wash your face with your hands ever again!"

I can't tell you how long I have been drooling over those Clarisonic brushes, always waiting for the right time to buy one since they are a bit pricey. I have a few friends that own one and they swear by them but because of the $160 price tag, I had to settle for the Neutrogena Wave, which was only $10, and was giving me pretty okay results. I still had my hopes on getting the Clarisonic because I wanted an even more deeper clean in order to ensure that I was doing everything to my skin in order to keep it blemish and dirt free as much as possible.

I had told myself that December or January would be the month that I would go ahead and take the plunge on buying a Clarisonic since I was tired of going without. A few weeks ago, I was at my Mary Kay rep Ashley's house helping a friend get started on some new makeup with Ashley showed me the new Winter catalog of products that were coming out and when I saw it I literally almost passed out onto the floor. It was showing the same type of brush that Clarisonic has but the MK version called "Skinvigorate" and for how much you ask.....only $50, a third of the price of a Clarisonic!!!!!!!  You know I jumped all over this and told her to order me one STAT!!!

So here it is!

So this past Friday, I finally picked up my new skin care investment and immediately put it to work that very night!

I first tried it in the shower and then the next morning at the sink and do prefer using it in the shower at the end of the day when I really want to remove dirt and makeup. Right away you can see and feel the difference in your skin. After testing it out for several days, here are my thoughts:

General Review:
  • Offers light exfoliation giving a youthful glow to skin
  • Skin has smoother, more uniform texture
  • Pores feel like they have been opened and cleaned out
  • Skin feels lighter, more refreshed
  • Gentle enough to use daily, even twice a day
  • Be careful not to use for more than a few minutes during first week as your face may become irritated in sensitive areas due to getting used to the bristles
Points To Note:
  • Hard to get the battery cover off first few times due to ultra grip design for water durability
  • No case for travel so you need to remove brush head and place in bag or container
  • $100 cheaper than Clarisonic
  • Has 2 speeds like the Clarisonic
  • Starter kit comes with two brushes, Clarisonic only gives you one and replacement brushes for Clarisonic retail at $25/ea whereas Skinvigorate replacements come two in a pack for only $15/box
  • Can use any cleanser of your choice with device
  • Noted to decrease oil production and acne
  • Device is light weight and easy to hold
  • Only needs two AA batteries 
  • Brush heads last three months before replacement is needed

All in all, to get something that works exactly like the Clarisonic line for a fraction of the cost is something you just cant beat! 

Contact my MK rep Ashley Reed for more information or to purchase this fabulous addition to your skin care regimen and mention the referral code "AHF". She is a wealth of knowledge on all MK products and an absolute joy to work with!

There is still time for Christmas shopping and this would definitely make a great gift and Mary Kay ships world wide!



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